We offer a wide range of classes for each unique student, with the opportunity grow and enjoy each class in a learning and nurturing environment.

Classical Ballet + Contemporary >>

Classical ballet and contemporary classes include Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet (ages 3-7), Beginning Ballet I-III (ages 6-12), Intermediate Ballet I-IV (ages 9 and up), and Advanced Ballet. New students (Pre-ballet I and above) to Virginia Ballet School must take a placement class. Students are placed into levels based on knowledge and ability, not his/her age. Please call to schedule a placement class.

Specialty Classes >>

Specialty classes include flamenco, tap, jazz and conditioning.

Summer Intensive Programs >>

We have many exciting opportunities for dancers of all ages this summer to condition, create and explore. Choose from 1 to 6 weeks of classes and workshops. Placement class is required for new students to VBC.

Fantasy Ballet Camp >>

Designed to capture the creative spirit of our youngest dancers, our ballet-themed camps for our youngest dancers allow students to explore movement in ballet and creativity with themed craft projects and exposure to the music of classical composers. Fantasy Ballet Camps are offered during the summer and at special occasions throughout the school year.

Master Classes >>

Our master classes are offered on a rotating basis. Instructors are masters in areas such as modern dance and jazz.

Adult Classes >>

Adult dance classes include ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. Adults (ages 16 and up) can also take conditioning classes such as Core Stregth Training, Barre, and yoga.

School Rules + Regulations >>

Please review our school policies, rules and dress code.

Class TitleDayTimeInstructorStudioLevels
BalletMonday11:00-11:45amMiegelStudio CCreative movement
BalletMonday10:15-10:45amMiegelStudio CPre-ballet I
(Company class)
Monday5:15-6:15pmCordovaStudio AIntermediate III and IV, Advanced
(Company class)
Monday5:15-6:15pmReayStudio BIntermediate I and II
BalletMonday5:15-6:15pmFadeyeyaStudio CBeginning ballet III
ModernMonday6:15-7:15pmSillerStudio BIntermediate I and II
CharacterMonday6:15-7:15pmFadeyeyaStudio CBeginning ballet III
Pointe and Variations
(Company class)
Monday6:15-7:45pmCordovaStudio AIntermediate III and IV, Advanced
Beginning BalletMonday7:15-8:15pmReayStudio BAdult
Stretch Tone YogaMonday7:30-8:30pmMirabelloStudio CAdult
ModernMonday7:45-8:45pmSillerStudio AIntermediate III and IV, Advanced
Beg/Inter JazzMonday8:15-9:15pmReayStudio BAdult
JazzTuesday10:00-11:00amMiegelStudio AAdult
BalletTuesday11:00-11:45amMiegelStudio CCreative movement
Intermediate BalletTuesday11:00am-12:30pmMizzoniStudio AAdult
Beg/Int PointeTuesday12:30-1:30pmMizzoniStudio AAdult
BalletTuesday5:00-5:45pmSnowStudio CPre-ballet II
BalletTuesday5:15-6:45pmMiegelStudio BIntermediate I and II
Core Strength TrainingTuesday5:15-6:45pmHarakal/SillerStudio AIntermediate III and IV, Advanced
BalletTuesday5:45-6:45pmSiller/SnowStudio CBeginnning ballet I and II
JazzTuesday6:45-7:45pmSillerStudio AAdvanced
Beginning BalletTuesday6:45-7:45pmSnowStudio CAdult
ModernTuesday6:45-7:45pmMiegelStudio BTeen, Intermediate I and II
Beg/Int BalletTuesday7:45-8:45pmMiegelStudio BTeen
Modern and CompositionTuesday7:45-8:45pmSillerStudio AIntermediate III and IV, Advanced
Dynamic Flexibility Strength TrainingWednesday5:15-6:15pmSillerStudio CTeen, Intermediate I and II
BalletWednesday5:15-6:15FadeyeyaStudio AAdvanced
BalletWednesday5:15-6:45pmMizzoniStudio BIntermediate III and IV
Wednesday6:15-7:15pmSillerStudio CIntermediate II
PointeWednesday6:45-7:45MizzoniStudio BIntermediate III and IV
PointeWednesday6:45-7:45FadeyeyaStudio AAdvanced
Stretch Tone YogaWednesday7:45-8:45pmMirabelloStudio CAdult
Dynamic Flexibility Strength TrainingWednesday7:45-8:45pmSillerStudio BIntermediate III and IV, Advanced
FlamencoWednesday7:45-9:00pmFadeyeyaStudio AAdvanced, adult
Floor BarreThursday9:30-10:30amRubinStudio AAdult
BalletThursday10:15-10:45amMiegelStudio CPre-ballet I
Intermediate BalletThursday10:45am-12:15pmRubinStudio AAdult
BalletThursday11:00-11:45amMiegelStudio CCreative movement
TapThursday12:30-1:30pmMiegelStudio AAdult
BalletThursday5:00-5:30pmSpenceStudio BPre-ballet I
(Company class)
Thursday5:00-6:30pmFadeyeyaStudio AIntermediate I and II
BalletThursday5:30-6:30pmSillerStudio BBeginnning ballet I and II
BalletThursday5:30-6:30pmSpenceStudio CBeginning ballet III
BalletThursday6:30-8:00pmFAdeyeyaStudio AAdvanced
BalletThursday6:30-8:00pmSpenceStudio BIntermediate III and IV
Beginning PointeThursday6:30-8:00pmSillerStudio CIntermediate III
PointeThursday8:00-9:00pmSpenceStudio BIntermediate III and IV
Pas de DeuxThursday8:00-9:00pmFadeyeyaStudio AAdvanced
CharacterFriday5:15-6:15pmFadeyeyaStudio AAdvanced
Contemporary Ballet/ ConditioningFriday5:15-6:15pmMcGinnisStudio BIntermediate III and IV, Advanced
Beg/Int BalletFriday5:15-6:15pmMiegelStudio CTeen
CharacterFriday6:15-7:15pmFadeyeyaStudio AIntermediate I, II, III, IV
Contemporary Ballet/ConditioningFriday6:15-7:15McGinnisStudio BIntermediate III and IV
Beg/Int TapFriday6:15-7:15pmMiegelStudio CTeen
BalletSaturday9:15-10:00amSnowStudio APre-ballet II
BalletSaturday9:30-10:30amBerneroStudio BPre-ballet I
(Company class)
Saturday10:00-11:30amFadeyeyaStudio AIntermediate III and IV
Beg/Inter TapSaturday1:30-2:30pmMiegelStudio CIntermediate I, II, III, IV
BalletSaturday11:00am-12:00pmMiegelStudio CIntermediate I and II
Contemporary Modern
(Company class)
Saturday12:30-1:30pmMcGinnis/SillerStudio BIntermediate I and II
BalletSaturday10:15-11:00amMiegelStudio CCreative movement
BalletSaturday11:30-12:30pmBerneroStudio BBeginnning ballet I and II
Ballet and tap comboSaturday12:00-1:30pmMiegelStudio CBeginning ballet III
Contemporary Modern
(Company class)
Saturday1:30-2:30pmMcGinnis/SillerStudio BIntermediate III and IV, Advanced
Practical Dance TheorySaturday12:30-1:30pmFadeyeyaStudio AIntermediate III and IV, Advanced
(Company class)
Saturday10:00-11:30amFadeyeyaStudio AAdvanced
Intermediate Tap
Saturday9:00-10:00amMiegelStudio CTeen, adult, intermediate IV, advanced
Intermediate BalletSaturday10:00-11:30amBerneroStudio BAdult
FlamencoSaturday11:30am-12:30pmFadeyeyaStudio A13-Adult, advanced, Intermediate III and IV
August 31, 2019Virginia Ballet Company auditions; Advanced, Intermediate IV11:00am-1:30pm
September 3, 2019Fall classes begin
September 7-8, 2019Burke Festival: VBC will be performing
September 14, 2019Virginia Ballet Company auditions; Intermediate I-III3:00-4:30pm
September 28, 2019Annual meeting and parent social3:00pm
September 28, 2019Auditions: Nutcracker (Pre-ballet II through advanced level students)
October 14, 2019Columbus Day School Closed
October 19, 2019Father's Guild Meeting3:00pm
October 26, 2019Nutcracker parent meeting and volunteer social3:00pm
October 27, 2019Nutcracker costume fitting day12:00-4:00pm
November 9, 2019Jane Franklin Company PerformanceArlington, VA; 4:00pm
November 18-23, 2019Parent observation week
TBDNutcracker tea partyTBD
Nov 27- Dec 1, 2019ThanksgivingSchool Closed
December 10, 2019Holiday party performanceLocation and time TBD
December 14, 2019Holiday performanceThe National Theater; 9:30am and 11am
December 16-22, 2019Nutcracker rehearsalsAll classes suspended
Dec 23, 2019-Jan 5, 2020Winter vacationSchool Closed
December 26, 2019Nutcracker tech and dress rehearsalsErnst Theater; 6:30pm
December 27-29, 2019Nutcracker performancesErnst Theater; 2pm and 7pm
January 6, 2020Classes resume normal schedule
January TBDNutcracker posed photos w/ Mr. HubbardTime TBD
January 19-20, 2020VADC DanceFest Gala Performance: Tech and dress rehersal (1/20)GMU Harris Theatre; time TBD
January 24, 2020VADC DanceFest Gala PerformanceGMU Harris Theatre; 7:00pm
January 26, 2020VADC DanceFest WorkshopGMU Harris Theatre; time TBD
January 12-31, 2020 Early enrollment for 2nd semester classes begins (Preschool, primary, and teen continuing students)
January 20, 2020Martin Luther King DaySchool Closed
February 1, 2020Spring ballet and modern performances parent meeting and volunteer social3:00pm
February 3, 20202nd semester classes begin for preschool, primary division, and teen students
February 17, 2020President's DaySchool Closed
March/April/May TBDSpring ballet and modern performanceSaturday at The National Theatre; 9:30 and 11:00am
March 16-22, 2020Spring modern performance rehearsalsAll classes suspended
March 20, 2020Spring modern performance tech and dress rehearsalsErnst Theatre; 6:30pm
March 21, 2020Spring modern performance Ernst Theatre; 2:00 and 7:00pm
March 23, 2020Classes resume normal schedule
April 1, 2020Registration for summer intensive, camps, and workshops begin
April 6-12, 2020Spring vacationSchool closed
April 20-25, 2020Spring classical ballet performancesAll classes suspended
April 24, 2020Spring classical ballet performance tech and dress rehearsalErnst Theatre; 6:30pm
April 25, 2020Spring classical ballet performanceErnst Theatre; 2:00 and 7:00pm
April 27, 2020Classes resume normal schedule
May 25, 2020Memorial DaySchool Closed
June 22-27, 2020Parent observation week
June 27, 2020Last day of classes
June 28-July 12, 2020Summer breakSchool Closed
July 13-Aug 22, 2020Summer intensive, camps, and workshops in session
August 8, 2020 Precedence summer concert performance tech and dress rehearsalErnst Theatre; 6:30pm
August 9, 2020Precedence summer concert performance Ernst Theatre; 2:00pm
August 23-Sept 7, 2020Fall breakSchool Closed
September 8, 2020Fall classes begin